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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 15, 2014 6:58am-7:01am EDT

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>> today, former treasury secretary henry paulson and president obama's former -- former asia adviser discussed china's economy and the role as the second-largest economy. you can see this event live starting at 9:00 eastern on c-span two. >> there is an old saying that victory has 100 fathers and defeat is not often. inould not be surprised regard to the recent activity. senator goldwater asked questions about the use of the and the carrier essex with the markings painted out. we figured someone over there has told them about the thing
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wednesday morning. they will try to spring it in such a way that it looks like large u.s. air cover and you were wrong and i was wrong in saying there was. -- historic audio saturday at 6:00 eastern on c-span radio and washington, d.c., online at and nationwide on satellite radio 120. >> live today, washington journal was next. marion nestle on the politics of food and dietary choice. >> congressional efforts to reform the tax code and the potential impact. at 8:30 a.m., rick becca wilson
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and william the ride will be here for discussion on the fairness and equity of the u.s. tax reform. ♪ is the morning, it "washington journal," the folks at gallup asked taxpayers if the taxes were too high, too low, or just right. more than half, as you can imagine, say the taxes are too high. wraps to think differently. we will post this in question to you in our first 45 minutes about your tax bill. tell us if you think it is too high or too low or just about right. tell us why. a variety of means to do so this morning.


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